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20.03.20 In a dutch paper

Adíos Molinos: discoveries in the bricked warehouse and the adventures of Poppy

At the beginning of this year I, Rosan Kremers, moved to Spain with my family. To Nigüelas to be precise. A village at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, not far from Granada. My husband Christoph, our three year old daughter Poppy and I, start an 'agroturismo' here. A dream come true after years of fantasizing. The Neije Krant asked me to report on our adventures as 'Mills girl'. In the time to come I will take you every month through all our challenges and milestones.

Roll up your sleeves
Last time I told you that our stay, Alquería De Los Lentos, has been neglected for years. That's why we're busy fixing everything up. The roofs have been repaired and the electricity has been installed. We are now installing solar panels. We are also looking at whether the centuries-old water drive system of the grain mill is still working. It would be fantastic if we could generate extra energy with this. And because we are ready for a refreshing dip in the meantime, the swimming pool is being tiled again with small sand-coloured tiles.

Discoveries in the bricked-up warehouse
Los Lentos has not been inhabited for the past five years. The furniture and equipment were stored in an underground storage room. After a number of burglaries, the administrators bricked up the entrance to the room. We had no idea what we would find when we broke down the wall last week. Of course, we were hoping for some 'treasures'. We couldn't get lucky when we entered the room. The handmade cast iron garden furniture was still there. We also found authentic cupboards and mirrors, about 50 old chairs and many more big and small discoveries.

The adventures of Poppy
The move isn't just an adventure for Christoph and me. It was pretty exciting for Poppy as well. Since a few weeks she goes to the toddler class of the local school. She has five classmates: Abril, Francisco, Alvaro, Aylen and Jose Alberto.

On February 7 Poppy turned three years old. She asked her friends Abril and Francisco to come to her party. From Abril she got a typical Spanish dress, with lots of fringes and embroidery. Since Poppy has a penchant for extravagant clothes and make-up, she is not out of the picture here in Spain. Until now, she adapts effortlessly.

Poppy doesn't really speak Spanish yet. At the moment she talks a lot in a self-made language. Because she doesn't understand her classmates and the teachers, she probably thinks they do too. Luckily, the language barrier doesn't stop her from getting involved in the group. Together with her new friends she has unintelligible but intense conversations.

Exciting weeks
We're preparing for some very exciting weeks. On April 1st we are expecting our son. So for the time being I leave the rebuilding to Christoph and his team. Luckily we get extra help from the home front. Our parents and some friends are coming to help us. And we can use that. Because on Saturday the 2nd of May we officially open our doors, with a big pan paella, tapas, local beer, wine and a band. So if you happen to be in the neighbourhood: you are very welcome!

Where does the name Alquería De Los Lentos come from?
I'm regularly asked this question, so I went into the history books. First of all, 'alquería' freely translated means 'settlement'. Secondly, a large family used to live in Nigüelas with the nickname 'Los Lentos', or 'De Tragen'. Over the years the surrounding villages took over. Since then it has been used as a geuzen name for all the inhabitants of Nigüelas. You can compare it with the 'Germen' and 'Verkuskoppen' from Mill and Langenboom. The geuzen name is a nice hook for our stay, as it is a place where you can 'slow down' and relax.

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